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dj anibalsons

DJ Ace

Anibalsons was born in Argentina and started playing records at the Sala Razzmatazz (Barcelona) in the year 2000. From that time on he played at small and big venues and he did a radioshow @

in his record bag you will find some jazz, rare groove, soul, northern soul & (deep) funk. Right now he`s doing the dj line-up for the bar Sifo in Barcelona where he`s playing for more than 5 years. Anibalsons is also the resident dj for Ravalgroove Records.

dj el bufonk

DJ Ace *el bufoOonk* [OneManCru / Homerun] grew up in hamburg [germany] and started mixing rap in 1996. a few years later he begun digging the good ol' jazz & funk and some electronic vinyl too. in 2000 he left germany to check out barcelona where he played all over the city at different venues.
right now the hometown called berlin.

*el bufoOonk* started new years eve 2007 with his weekly show *codigo:Beee* every monday from 22h [CET] live from berlin.
He mixes for you the dopest rap, jazz, foOonk & electronica.

dj capture

DJ Capture dj capture started in june 2004 with his weekly techno show "substation" every friday from 6 - 8 pm.

capture and guests play out live from bochum underground schauspielhaus.

styles: techno & progressive house

dj data

DJ Datadj data grew up in a small village near aachen (germany). he has been involved in dance-music since 1991. it all started out with some underground-parties in cologne, where he first got infected with uk garage.

after a few years of musical evolution, he became aware of this thing called nuskoolbreaks, and as a natural progression he started out djing himself - this was in 1999.

in 2000 he got to know the founders of loud-fm and started his own show "royal rhythms", where you can listen to nuskoolbreaks, uk garage and different styles of upfront dance-music. amongst others his favourite labels are supercharged , passenger, cyberfunk.

the show is running every tuesday from 8-10 pm cet. besides he is also passionate in producing his own tracks and remixing - listen to his tunes on

styles: nuskoolbreaks / breakbeat

dj el-lobbo

DJ El-Lobboel lobbo came to loud-fm giving twister technical support for his show in 2000. after a while el-lobbo decided to make his own show "FORM & FUNK-TION" together with dj sang.

he loves different music styles and plays from electro to techno. listen to el-lobbo every monday from 9-10 pm at loud-fm.

styles: downbeats - electro - techno


Juicemarketjd loom and dj akabon are juicemarket, chewing music live from berlin every tuesday 10-12 pm on loud fm.
originally coming from dnb the two found together as a dj duo, mixing all kinds of styles and music the pingpong way. The radioshow is about digging in the crates - shining on music with dj/live sets, talks and more. styles: making funky music is a must - funk/soul, hiphop, (nu)jazz, breaks, electro ... basically the whole alphabet

dj lao wu

DJ Lao Wudj lao wu from Berlin plays sound between electro, house & breakbeat and started in May 2005 his first radio show on loud-fm netradio. After one year experience he has from now on, two new dates in his [nju:fu] with the Freak Camp Cru and the Wildstyle Magazine.

-> "dub:fu" the Freak Camp session will be hosted by dj Danny Bwoy on every second sunday, pushing the bass-heavy styles of the Dubstep/Grime Scene out of the Berlin Underground. Also a live chat will be available during the show on IRC, for more information about this,
check out:

-> Special Agent Zulu Borke is trying to get U in a trueschool way of Hip Hop & Funk. He is writing, grafitti, djing and he is always on the run for the Wildstyle Magazine in Berlin. Check out his new and first every fourth sunday or vote on listen to the [nju:fu] on sundays from 8 - 10 pm cet.

listen to lao wu sundays from 8 - 9 pm cet.

style: hip hop, house, electro, funk, dubstep, grime, breakbeat & techno

dj rich beam

DJ Richbeamdj richbeam , host of the "knee deep into beats" show on loud-fm, is originally from southern germany. With moving to aachen and his interest into music, he finally started as hip - hop DJ. Early locations like Black& White (aachen) and a growing vinyl collection let him explore the world of funk & soul in his life. This should change situation and places spinning records. Meanwhile playing also disco music as well as uptempo beats, he moved to Berlin to improve his party and technique to continue the story..... "KNEE DEEP INTO BEATS" runs on thursday from 10 - 11 pm cet.

styles: hip -hop ; funk & soul ; uptempo beats

dj rock shebbich

DJ Rock Shebbichdj rock shebbich contacts first to hip-hop with the breakdance hype '84 .After several years of painting he bought his first technics in the early 90's. He appears first in public at the legendary Afri-Cola plant partys in '96. With the founding of subtown records in 1998 he enters the hip-hop party scene as deejaying on multiple events over whole mid-germany. As Tour DJ for the Filo Joes he also worked out a limited amount of live-gigs. At present he started his weekly radio show on wednesday from 9-10pm at loud-fm where he plays a freestyle selection with realy fresh material or older sound from his huge archive.

styles: hip hop - funk

dj s-capade

DJ S-Capade s-capade gets into the sound of breakbeat in the early nineties, based on his background as an active drummer for more than 15 years. Till the mid-nineties he supported dj sets with the drums till he got a dj himself. He is resident at the Loud-fm-Drum'n'bass-nights and Massive Tunes - partys in aken. S-capade is regularly playing out at different drum'n'bass events in the three country corner Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. His weekly show "focus" runs every Thursday from 9-10 pm cet.

styles: drum & bass - breakbeats

dj t-lo

DJ T-Lodj T.Lo , his longtime work as a dj, in different locations, let him come up with many styles. since the beastie boys he collects the school of breaks n pieces. since subtown records he is also up to d&b. The "human patterns"- show runs every thursdays at 7 pm cet. now in cooperation with dj diagnose from bochum.

styles: leftfield, brokenbeats, nujazz, trip hop,electro, break-beats, d+b, techno, breaks, pieces.

dj taka muza

DJ Taka Muza dj taka muza is part of the substattion radio crew since the beginning of the show with pumping techno & house sets. "substation" is on air every friday from

6 - 8 pm cet. styles: techno / techhouse / house


Zapdrummer zap has been drumming and producing hiphop, electro and drum & bass in germany since 1998. he and his TENGU BASEMENT produce the radioshow “SOMEDAY MOODY MONDAY” on, every sunday at 7 p.m. styles: hiphop - downbeats - jazz - and other electro and avantgarde-pop stuff my projects as producer: tengu, sola plexus, tsunami, roger paris and susanne blech. remixes for: beatsteaks, the ruts, m. arfmann, schorsch kamerun, rhian sheehan, onejiru

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